“I have been attending Heather Houston’s Singing Circle for the past four weeks, and words alone can’t describe the experience. I wish I could sing it for you! There is no performance attached to the circle; we come together for the pure joy of singing with others. Heather has a gift for teaching the songs quickly; her absolute pleasure for song is contagious. This practice completely fills my soul and I come away energized and refreshed and filled with a sense of peace and contentment. It’s a transcendent experience for me to weave my voice with others and this particular circle has re-opened my heart to healing and forward movement in my life’s path. My prayer for everyone is that they too can experience the blessing of singing in community, with the added blessing of Heather as a joyful facilitator!”

– Laura, Santa Cruz

“I love Heather and the delightful, positive, encouraging manner in which she teaches. I love her voice and the light in her eyes. I loved the songs she taught from all over the world – uplifting songs, songs of welcome, spiritual songs. And she never put anyone on the spot.”

– Jayla, Santa Cruz, CA

“I love how Heather encourages women to sing and share their light. I love how excited she gets when we sing. There is such an appreciation and love that her energy surrounds us with, and it helps everyone feel safe.”

– Adora, Santa Cruz, CA

“I needed a versatile vocalist to headline my children’s music album. Heather exceeded my expectations in every way, sounding absolutely incredible on tracks ranging from Country Western, Calypso, Celtic, and Rock. Not only did she manage the entire project, bringing together a fantastic recording and studio crew, she even contributed her own original song to the mix.”

– Drew Freeman, Santa Cruz

“I started taking voice lessons with Heather because I thought it was time to get over my fears. With Heather’s instruction, I have already far exceeded my own expectations. I am finally experiencing the joy of singing! That’s me who you see driving around town singing – with a smile on my face, and in my heart!”

– Ted, Santa Cruz, CA

“I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your "Dis Moi" vocal music. Now I will tell you. Hold on -here it comes! "I REALLY LOVE IT!" THANK YOU SOOO VERY VERY MUCH! Your voices are so ethereal, other worldly and out right divine!”

– Ingela Sakkestad

“It’s been great to have such a safe and fun place to start to learn about how to hear my voice and mingle it with others. Heather is a total inspiration of how beautiful and full of emotional voice can sound and I am further drawn toward that journey. Thank you!”

– Katlin, Soquel, CA

“My teenage daughter loves her voice lessons with Heather and wouldn’t dream of missing any of them. I don’t have to cajole and bribe to get her to go, unlike other lessons. After about a year of voice lessons, I was treated to a private recital. I was amazed to hear my daughter sing like an angel. The unexpected power and beauty in her voice brought tears to my eyes.”

– Kathy, Santa Cruz, CA

“Sirenz is an amazing group with some serious skills. As an a cappella quartet they create a sound that is surprisingly nuanced and contemporary.

There is no shortfall of musical talent among these ladies and their incorporation of beat-boxing and vocal percussion is hot! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing advanced songs from their upcoming album and can definitely say the album will be worth the wait!”

– Stephen Eggleston, LAC www.pacifichealingarts.com

“I am honored to write a testimonial for Heather Houston’s abilities as a vocal coach/teacher. I have been a music student for thirty years and have had the pleasure to study with many great music teachers, several of which have Grammy awards and gold records on their resumes. Heather easily fits into the top tier of these mentors. Her knowledge of vocal technique and ability to cater instruction to the individual is incredible. She is able to quickly surmise the technical issues that hinder a great vocal performance and help each student let his or her unique voice shine through. Working with Heather enabled me to become a more effective and confident vocalist in a very short time. Her skill as a vocalist and teacher transcends genre, and I have recommended her to everyone that asks my opinion about vocal instruction. In addition to all of this she is also a lovely person that puts you immediately at ease ­ you simply can’t go wrong in choosing to work with Heather.”

– Megan Saunders, Ph.D. www.thedriftless.net

“Dear Heather, I just want to let you know that I remain continuously grateful for your fabulous voice lessons. Today, I was teaching a university class about metaphorical language. I had planned to play Bette Midler's "The Rose" to give the students some examples of metaphors about love. However, the classroom's audio technology wasn't working properly. Thanks to my voice lessons with you, I felt confident enough to sing part of the song to my students! I never would have done that before. I just wanted to let you know that the work you do really matters.”

– With continuing gratitude, Heather Swanson

“I have attended 3 singing circles so far. I always wanted to sing but felt not talented enough. Heather's Singing Circles are for everyone. She lets us all experience the joy of singing no matter what your voice sounds like. It's amazing how she gets us to harmonize. The weekly practice puts a pep in my step.”

– Alison, Capitola, CA

“Being part of the women's groups that gather for Heather's singing circle has allowed me to express my voice, both in vulnerability and in strength, while supported by the presence of other brave and soulful women in a way I never imagined possible. I have heart­felt gratitude for the beauty, healing, and safety that Heather offers in these and joyful weekly gatherings.”

– Love, Adriel McCluer, Aptos, CA

“Heather’s singing circle is the highlight of my week. I remember feeling welcome and at ease the first time I participated several years ago. Heather creates a safe, loving space for all of us to sing and share what’s in our hearts. I love to sing in harmony and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with Heather and all the lovely women Singing the World Awake!”

– Love, Sheryl Robertson

“Heather Houston is a gift to this planet. Her impeccable pitch and songbird voice is a perfect guide for anyone that wants to open their voice. I started with Heather in her singing circles for women which she holds 5 times a year. I continued with these for 2­ years and then was invited to be a part of her all women's choir. We sang songs from all over the world. I have also on occasion called on Heather for a private voice lesson to work on pitch, vocal technique, diaphragmatic breathing, chest vs. head voice, etc. Her leadership is masterful.

Whether you are a professional singer looking for singing lessons, or someone who would like to strengthen your speaking voice, or you would like to feel more empowered in who you are, her gentle and compassionate coaching will give you the tools to fulfill your desire. I feel so much more confident in my voice, in my work, in myself, because of my work with Heather over the years. Her playful spirit and wonderful sense of humor are a joy to work with. She is definitely the best in her field. I have searched for equal or similar and am yet to find it.

Thank you Heather! You and singing have changed my life!”

– Vladi Starkov, Santa Rosa, CA ­ www.flourishintegrativehealth.com

“My 16yr old daughter has been singing with Heather for almost four years. I knew my daughter possessed a wonderful voice, but I had no idea her range. Heather has helped my daughter find her full vocal range, and has given her opportunities to realize the larger world of music, operatic, foreign, and broadway. Heather's musical inspirations have been instrumental in the development of my daughter's musical inspirations, I have loved watching each step on this journey for both of them. I highly regard Heather as a professional, a musician, and a mentor for my daughter. We are so honored to know her and have her in our lives.”

– Zoe Williams, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have been in Heather's Wednesday evening singing circle for about four years now. She was highly recommended by a friend who also sang with her. I had always wanted to harmonize, but every time I tried, I could not sustain my note while others next to me were singing another note. I was so nervous the first night in the singing circle and was afraid I would not get it. I asked a lot of questions and Heather was so patient. Singing was one area I really felt inadequate. The way she explained things made it so clear to me. Because of Heather, I was able to GET IT...and now can easily catch on and hold my note. And the best part is, she makes it FUN!!! I am forever grateful to her for giving me the boost of confidence I needed to do what I have always wanted to do my entire life! I highly recommend Heather to ANYONE who has a desire to learn to sing and/or improve their singing. She truly is the best!”

– Marty Howes, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have attended Heather's song circles for the past 4 years. She teaches chants, rounds, harmonies and how to blend one's voice with the group. The songs are ones that stay with you and can be used to center and encourage oneself. I sang many of them while walking the Camino de Santiago. Participating in the song circles is so uplifting. Our voices create a bowl full of healing and loving energy. Without a doubt I occupy a more balanced and positive space thanks to the circles and Heather's expert guidance and beautiful voice.”

– Melisa Walker, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have been taking voice lessons from heather for over two years. When I began I wasn't sure I could sing at all. Heather has helped me immensely with expanding my range, pitch, placement, rhythm, carrying notes, style and most importantly connecting with the music emotionally. She approaches vocal coaching with kindness but has gently pushed me to be new levels I never thought I would reach. I often get complements on my voice from friends and other musicians ­ and that makes me smile. Learning to sing has been one of the most freeing experience of my life and I am so grateful to Heather for all her expertise and encouragement.”

– Thomas Kowalski, Ben Lomond, CA

“My daughter and I have been taking singing classes from Heather Houston, and we are long over due in voicing how she has been such a beautiful gift to us. First of all, she literally has the voice of an angel. She is honestly the most positive, uplifting teacher we have ever met. She is amazing at guiding her students in both technical and artistic technique, all while helping build their confidence. Her methods are easy going and lots of fun, yet so effective. She is oh so patient and kind, yet encouraging and motivating. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the truth, there you have it!!!!!”

– Jude and Lea Jakob, Santa Cruz, CA

“Heather has a great ear for vocal harmony and tone quality supplemented with valuable feedback and technical guidance in helping her student maximize both. Her tool chest of musical knowledge and vocal exercises is tempered with patience, and a true desire to understand and meet her student’s musical desires and expectations. She is dedicated to the fulfillment of joy, peace and happiness through music. If you are looking for a very pleasant yet productive vocal learning experience, you just found it.”

– Jerry, Santa Cruz, CA

“Heather is a delight to work with in the studio. Her voice is nothing short of angelic, and she is very professional. Over the many years I have known her, Heather never ceases to amaze me with her versatility as a vocalist.

Heather is an incredible arranger, but also takes direction extremely well. Her pitch is incredible, and she really knows how to put her self into the music.

I have utilized her talents many times in the studio over the years for different projects, and my clients are always thrilled with the results. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to have her in.”

– Will Kahn, www.paradiserec.com

“Heather is such a bright being, and it is a joy to sing with her. Her groups bring harmony, serenity, connection, and spirit to the hearts and voices of the women she circles with. It has been a truly expansive experience, and an honor to share space with such beautiful goddesses.”

– Valerie, Santa Cruz, CA

“Heather is, in short, a wonderful voice teacher. Not only does she possess the knowledge, technical expertise and ability to fully develop the talents of her students, she also has the unique ability to create a warm and supportive atmosphere for risk-taking and experimentation.

Heather is not content to simply teach vocal exercises, she actively works as a mentor and coach to help each student find their vocal home, that place where they learn, grow and shine. I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to a vocal student at any level. A seasoned professional will enjoy working with Heather to grow in new directions, and a beginner will walk out of their first voice lesson with a song in their heart!”

– Louise Mintun, Bluegrass Bass Player and Vocalist, Santa Cruz, CA

“Heather’s brilliance, radiance, glow, and presence create a very inspiring and magical feeling in her circles. The pace of learning and the way it all came together in the end was well-done. I loved the diversity of cultural songs, the rounds, and harmonies.”

– Mary, Aptos, CA

“Heather’s joy and enthusiasm about singing are contagious, and she is a magnificent teacher. She is uniquely able to focus in on what you personally need to expand the power of your voice. My lessons with her have greatly helped me to enhance my vocal quality and range. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Heather and experience her spirited teaching abilities.”

– Alison, Santa Cruz, CA

“Heather’s singing circle reunited me with someone I had lost touch with- my joyful self! I am very hesitant about singing in public, and Heather is a gifted teacher who created a safe space for me to be myself and find my own inner truth and freedom. The songs she chose and the community of women in the circle were a gift in my week and I was humming for days afterward. Thank you Heather!”

– Laura Rice, Life Coach www.purpose2prosperity.com

“Hey Heather, thanks again for the retreat yesterday!! You are absolutely in your calling. You are talented, sweet, have a spirited energy, and have a superb ability in “running the show.”

The retreat was so well run. I am impressed with your gentle guidance and ability to make it seem like a cake-walk. I have been in many professional positions in my lifetime… and have had to run many programs, workshops, and retreats (for the military and private industry) and think I am pretty good at it.

I usually find fault (unexpressed) with most workshops/retreats. Yesterday… I could see NOTHING that I would change. It was absolutely right on… everything!”

– Marty Howes, Santa Cruz