The Power of Singing to Shift Energy and Elevate Mood

Dear Friends,

This New Year’s eve I was reminded first hand of the power of singing to shift energy and elevate mood.  There I was getting ready to drive down to First Night Monterey so sing with some of the most beloved women in my life and I’m in a completely stinky mood.  I mean, really, I haven’t felt that cranky in a long time.  My many stories as to why I was choosing to be a stink bug are completely irrelevant here.

The important part is that as soon as my choir opened their voices to sing to our first of three audiences, my heart began to soften.  And then as I sang with them on a few songs, I could feel the vibration of my own voice as well as their voices massaging my spirit clean.  By the middle of our first set I was so joyful that I couldn’t even remember why I was cranky in the first place.

So why this shift in mood other than I had 15 gorgeous women beaming love and adoration at me? On a physical level singing enhances our respiratory function and releases endorphins which in turn elevates our mood.  On a social level, we are all on the same team working together to create the most transcendent experience possible for our audience and in turn for ourselves.  And on a spiritual level, singing can connect us to something greater than ourselves, opening a doorway to a complete state of bliss.  Many women in my singing circles report feeling more joyful, more light hearted, more relaxed and more open during and after a singing session.  The benefits of singing listed here are really just he tip of the iceberg.  I look forward to exploring this topic more with you in the future.

So I hope you’ll sing in the New Year!! Whether it be with me or with another group in your community.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences around the power of singing to shift your energy and elevate your mood.   Please leave a comment below.

Wishing you so much love and joy in the new year!

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