My 40th Birthday Gift to Myself, the Water and You!

Prayers for the Water

A Heather Houston solo CD produced by Todd Boston

Yes, my 40th birthday gift to myself was recording studio time with my dear friend, multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Boston.  What better way to honor myself, my love for singing and my devotion to the life-giving waters than to collaborate with one of the finest, most sensitive and heart centered musicians I know.  This little gem of a three song album is infused with prayers of devotion to the water, layers upon layers of luscious vocal harmonies and exquisite musical compositions.  The most extra-ordinary part is that the weekend I had scheduled to be up in the studio to record was the 2nd weekend in February, the weekend that the West Coast of California was so lovingly doused with rain.  And the tiny little trickle of a creek that runs beside Magical Cottage Studios became a rushing river by the second day.  Needless to say, pure magic was created and the synchronicity of it all is really beyond words.

This album has been revealed to me in the deepest of meditations, solo hikes in the forest and long walks along the ocean.  I knew that I wanted to record an album with Todd in the new year, but did not feel like it was the time to take on an entire full length project.  On one of my walks, the idea came that this CD is supposed to be an EP, a demo of sorts with the intention of turning it into a full length album at some point. Then I got the message that this CD is not just a demo.  It has a life, a personality, and a purpose of it’s own.  Considering that California is in a severe drought, it became clear that it is supposed to be infused with songs, prayers and blessings for the water.  And a portion of proceeds are to go to “Save our Shores,” a Santa Cruz non-profit organization that cares for our Central Coast marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, education and citizen action.

Many years ago, Grandmother Agnes of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers told me that my role on the planet is to be a “steward of the water.” She emphasized that the water is a living, breathing being who wants to be honored, respected, and acknowledged as the life giving mama that she is.  And that when she feels that respect, her cycles and weather patterns will once again be restored to balance.  A lovely way of viewing our relationship to the water and climate change yes?

I had no idea at the time how I was to be a steward of this element that I love and embody and delight in so much! I still don’t completely, but I do believe that this CD project is a start.  I am beginning to understand how my love for singing and teaching is so naturally merging with my love for water, and how that without even trying I am becoming one of it’s stewards.

A question for all of us to ponder… How can I honor, respect and acknowledge the water more for the precious resource that it is?

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Please stay tuned for the release date of “Prayers for the Water.” We are aiming for late March.

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