Dis Moi


Dis Moi, meaning “tell me” in French is a soulful a cappella trio. Like water for your soul, these women evoke rivers of love and emotion that lead you to the depths of your heart. Their lyrics are raw, honest and deeply moving; their harmonies transcendent… inspiring you to listen to your own true calling.

Heather Houston, Samantha Keller and Tamar Fogel have been singing together for over 12 years. Now separated by country lines, we only have the pleasure of hearing them sing together live on very special occasions. So stay tuned!

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“I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your “Dis Moi” vocal music. Now I will tell you. Hold on – here it comes! “I REALLY LOVE IT!” THANK YOU SOOO VERY VERY MUCH! Your voices are so ethereal, other worldly and out right divine!” – Ingela Sakkestad