Voices of Spirit Singing Circle at Inner Light Ministries – New session dates TBA

A Singing Circle for men and women of all experience levels

Led by Heather Houston

We are the voices of Spirit ~

The Spirit of our ancestors, the Spirit of the earth;

the Spirit within each of us that knows the limitless possibilities of our Universe!

We are the voices of deep truth, boundless love, and exquisite beauty.

We are the voices of freedom and dynamic self-expression!

Please join our ILM community in singing praises for this beautiful Life! You will have the opportunity to learn songs and chants from various traditions that connect you to your heart, your joy and your sense of devotion.  You will discover more resonance, depth, embodiment and freedom as you dive into the realms of vocal meditation and supported singing techniques.  You will learn to listen more deeply, blend and tune your voice more precisely and feel the transcendent bliss that is created when many voices become one unified voice of prayer.  A safe and loving container space is held for singers of all ability levels.

To Register:

Download the following form and either email it to heather@heatherhoustonmusic.com OR snail mail it to the address listed on the form Reg.Form.2014

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