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Voice Teacher, Singing Teacher, Chanting Teacher and Vocal Coach

Voice Therapy, Vocal Mindfulness and Meditation

New Students – Receive $20 off your initial 45 minute voice lesson. 

Heather Houston is no ordinary voice teacher. She is a naturally gifted and highly experienced vocal coach who has helped thousands of students to free their voices and sing with greater ease, joy, and skill.

Heather has the training, experience, and talent it takes to help students at all ability levels with a wide range of aspirations—from feeling safe and comfortable singing, to understanding how to sing with more relaxation, to addressing more advanced technical challenges.

Over the course of teaching more than 8,000 private voice lessons, Heather has honed a unique and powerful approach that creates a safe and supportive environment for students of all ages and ability levels to expand into their fullest vocal potential. Heather doesn’t just tell you what to do or correct you. She guides you on a journey of discovery—exploring your voice, noticing what feels and sounds good, and helping you understand what makes it possible for you to sing the way you really want to sing. With this foundation of safety and Heather’s skilled guidance, you can free your voice, cultivate your strengths, and address areas of challenge.

In addition to her on-the-job training from 11 years of vocal coaching, Heather also has extensive training and practice in Western-style classical, Eastern-style classical, and jazz vocal techniques. This deep and varied background allows her to teach and coach a wide variety of vocal styles skillfully—from popular Western styles like musical theater, pop, jazz, soul, gospel, inspirational and bluegrass, to the timeless Eastern traditions of ragas, mantras, and vocal meditation.

Heather’s strong background in jazz and a cappella harmony allows her to offer each student precise ear training, which in turn helps to refine pitch, intonation, and tone quality. She also draws on her training and experience with teaching yoga to help students connect more fully with their bodies and their breath, an essential foundation for singing.

Heather’s extensive training and experience emerges from a deep love for singing and helping others sing. This is her calling and her passion, and it shows!

Singing with Heather will make you a better singer, and much more. It will help you feel light and joyful, more present and grounded in your body’s intuitive wisdom, and more free to express yourself through singing and in other areas of your life. Come discover the power of freeing and loving your own voice!

For Beginning Singers – Private and Group Sessions

Would you like to learn the basics of singing or feel more comfortable with your voice?

Heather can help you:

  • Feel safe while singing (not just in the shower!)
  • Release painful experiences and negative stories and free your voice
  • Enjoy and even love the sound of your own voice
  • Understand basic vocal techniques
  • Connect with your body, voice, and intuition

For Intermediate Singers – Private and Group Sessions

Are you an experienced singer who would like to hone your voice, fine-tune your technique, or sing with more power, grace, and ease?

Heather can help you:

  • Expand your range
  • Navigate your break or “passage” smoothly
  • Refine your pitch, intonation, and tone quality
  • Build intimacy and trust with your instrument
  • Create a home practice

For Advanced Singers – Private and Group Sessions

Are you a trained or professional vocalist who wants to reach a higher level of mastery or deal with technical challenges?

Heather can help you:

  • Use your voice sustainably
  • Sing more dynamically
  • Find more power, skill, ease, and grace
  • Experience the nuances of your own unique voice and unleash your authentic vocal expression
  • Connect with the deeper meaning of your songs and bring more feeling to your singing
  • Work on microphone technique if desired

Vocal Meditation and Voice Therapy – Private and Group Sessions

Do you want cultivate more intimacy with your voice, or explore singing as a healing or spiritual practice?

  • Experience profound safety, relaxation, and inner peace
  • Release painful stories, old limits, and energetic blocks
  • Support physical and emotional healing
  • Deepen your focus, presence, and intuition
  • Learn simple mantras and chants that will open you to the Divine light within


In-person voice lessons and classes held at a private studio in Santa Cruz — serving people of all ability levels, ages 10 and up from Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas (UCSC, Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon, and beyond)

New Students – Receive $20 off of your introductory voice lesson

Contact Heather to inquire about rates and book a session. You may register for vocal classes after the initial private session.